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NBA Draft Analyst Shares Career Updates

It was announced yesterday via social media that I'd accepted a role as a senior advisor for the sports agency Raymond Rep which focuses on NIL and marketing. Subsequently, many asked about my involvement with the agency and whether I'll still be scouting and covering the draft.

It seems as if this is the perfect time to set things straight while also filling everyone in on some of my career updates:

First of all, my role with Raymond Rep is a consulting deal, or pretty much like a speaking engagement deal. I'm not working as an agent or getting back into the agency business. If I ever do that, I'll make it very clear. However, I don't think I'll ever do it -- so don't hold your breath on that.

I will simply provide Raymond Rep with advice and mentorship to their staff from time to time. The fact is that I've done many business deals like this since I exited the agency business, and not just with sports agencies but teams and other companies tied to basketball too. The big difference is most of those deals were not made public.

Again, to be clear, I'm not an agent. Or, as it would be said in my favorite movie, The Departed: "I'm not a F***ing agent!" I'm not a cop either, for that matter.

All kidding aside, as an advisor and consultant, I'm not involved with recruiting, managing athletes, or pursuing deals with or for Raymond Rep or any of my consulting clients, past or present. Most importantly, I have zero invested interest, and nothing included in the agreements is incentive-based. I provide advice, period.

Before I left the agency business, my uncle Rob Babcock, a former longtime NBA executive, consulted for several college programs, sports agencies, and my company after finishing his NBA front office career. I learned a lot about how to operate as a consultant from him during that time. He explained that if you stay disciplined and only provide advice and expertise, you could work for nearly everyone without creating conflicts of interest. I remember him saying, "just don't cross the line because it's a slippery slope." I took his advice, and that's what I've done.

Despite being involved in some other areas of basketball, my main career focus remains scouting and covering the NBA Draft. It's my passion and, in my mind, my true calling.

So I've also been getting this question a lot, "what's going on with Basketball News?"

Of course, I can't speak for Basketball News, but I can tell you where I stand: my contract expired following the 2022 NBA Draft, and although I may return, nothing is in place.

So the 2022-23 season is upon us, so what will I do? Well, I have a few announcements:

First, I've decided to relaunch Babcock Hoops and will publish my player rankings, mock draft, and scouting-related media content on the site, just like before.

Also, I am working with a group called Tidal League to launch a podcast. The show will focus on the business of basketball. I want to use the opportunity to discuss experiences, concepts, and philosophies and dive deeply into multiple areas of the business behind the game, including scouting, the pre-draft process, team building, free agency, trades, everything about the collective bargaining agreement, etc.

Lastly, I'm working with a group to launch a new docuseries which will peel back the curtain on my whirlwind life as an NBA Draft Analyst and scout. We are still deciding where its home will be and are sorting out the details for production and distribution, but from our perspective, it's full steam ahead.

Anyway, I hope this has cleared up any looming questions. Please stay tuned for updates.


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