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Matt Babcock | Babcock Hoops

In recent years, Matt Babcock has served as a scout, NBA draft analyst, media member, and advisor, with his primary focus being evaluating NBA prospects, playing predominantly at the high school, college, and international levels.

As a media member, Babcock has contributed to numerous outlets, including Sports Illustrated, CBS Sports HQ, Basketball News, Ballislife, and was the host of The Matt Babcock Show, a podcast presented by Tidal League Media Network.

​In addition to his involvement within the media, Babcock has also served in various scouting and advisory roles for the following entities: Overtime Elite, Virtus Bologna, Cerebro Sports, Wingspan Scouting, College Basketball Parent's Association, Formula Zero, and Tampa Bay Pro Combine, among others.

Before becoming a scout, media member, and advisor, Babcock was a certified NBPA and FIBA agent. He accumulated over ten years of experience in the sports management industry, working for several prominent agents and agencies. Through his experience as an agent, he was exposed to basketball's inner workings, providing him with an array of knowledge about the business behind the game.

Babcock has worked with many professional basketball players, from NBA superstars to EuroLeague players to young prospects looking to build their professional careers. In 2015, Babcock negotiated the most lucrative contract for a 2nd round draft pick in NBA history, at that time, making that contract the largest fully negotiated deal for an NBA draft pick since 1995.

Aside from his abovementioned background, Babcock has experience as a former basketball player and coach. He was a standout player at George Walton High School in Marietta, Georgia, and a member of the basketball teams at Gulf Coast Community College in Panama City, Florida, and the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona. He also spent one season as an assistant coach for Virtus Bologna, a professional basketball team in Bologna, Italy.​

Along with Babcock's direct experience, he grew up in a "basketball family." He learned the game from his father, Dave Babcock, Director of Player Personnel for the Milwaukee Bucks, and his two uncles, Pete and Rob Babcock, both former NBA general managers. His two cousins, Chris and Nate Babcock, also hold positions in basketball. Chris is a scout for the Cleveland Cavaliers, and Nate is on the coaching staff at Georgia Tech.​

Matt Babcock has learned from the best in every aspect of the game. He has assimilated that knowledge into his daily work and life to become a well-rounded and versatile person in the basketball industry.​

Matt, his wife, Meghan, and their two children, Matthew, Jr., and Madeleine, reside in Denver, Colorado.

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