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Jay Scrubb Q&A

Matt Babcock recently spoke to junior college star and Louisville commit Jay Scrubb. They discussed his time at John A. Logan College, his commitment to Louisville, and his intentions for the 2020 NBA Draft.

Describe your game. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

I’m a 6’6”, lefty shooting guard. I shoot the ball well from outside, I’m athletic, I'm good at getting to the hole, and I have leadership skills. I would like to improve my overall basketball IQ and my skills on the defensive end but I don’t think these are major weaknesses.

Do you try to emulate any specific player’s game?

I don’t really try to emulate anyone's game because I try to be myself but if I had to choose one player, it would be Kevin Durant.

You have attended and played for John A. Logan College for the last two seasons. Junior college is not the typical route for NBA prospects these days. Can you share with us how your journey led you there?

Early on at Central High School, in Louisville, I struggled academically. I switched schools to Trinity High School and things began to turn around for me. Due to my poor grades early on I wasn’t qualified to go to a division-one university out of high school. My family and I decided that John A. Logan would be a good fit for me, which it was.

How have you improved since first arriving at John A. Logan College?

Maturity. I’ve really learned to take a more mature approach to everything. I understand this is something I still need to continue to develop but I do feel I have made major progress since arriving at college.

You are currently committed to the University of Louisville for next season. Can you tell us about your recruitment and why you decided to commit to Louisville?

First of all, I’m from Louisville and I grew up a Cardinals fan so the idea of being a part of that program is something that I always dreamed of, and then getting to know Coach Mack and his staff made it an easy decision for me to commit. I love those guys!

There have been rumors that you might consider foregoing your remaining years of college eligibility to enter this year’s NBA draft. Any truth to those rumors?

Although I have always dreamt of playing for Louisville, my ultimate dream has always been to play in the NBA. If I'm given an opportunity to get drafted, I’m going to take it.

To be clear, you have plans to enter your name in the 2020 NBA Draft?

Yes, I am going to enter my name in the 2020 NBA Draft.

Are you going to sign with an agent?

Yes, my dad and I have talked to a number of agents and I will be deciding who I’m signing with soon.

There is significant uncertainty looming in regards to how this year’s NBA pre-draft process will unfold and when the NBA draft will actually happen. If there ends up not being an opportunity for individual workouts with teams and the NBA Draft Combine were to be canceled, would that concern you?

I would prefer to have those opportunities but I can’t control any of that. I’m just doing what I can to improve during this time and worst-case scenario I hope I can get some opportunities to speak to NBA general managers and staff so that they can get to know me as a person.

What role do you envision yourself playing in the NBA?

I think I'm capable of contributing right away but I’m willing to do whatever it takes to help my team win. If that means being on the floor and making plays or sitting on the bench rooting on my teammates — I’ll do whatever the team asks me to do.

If an NBA team decides to draft you and next season they assign you to spend time with their G-League affiliate, how would you feel about that?

I would look at it as an opportunity to learn and improve. I’m planning on playing this game for a long time. If a team drafts me I will follow their lead in how they want to develop me as a player.

Is going to Louisville next season still a possibility?

Yes, absolutely. I’m going to do whatever I possibly can to put myself in a situation to be drafted this year. If the process doesn’t go as I hope then going to Louisville next season is definitely an option I’d like to keep open.

Fill in the blank. If Jay Scrubb __________, he will be a successful NBA player.

If Jay Scrubb works hard and stays focused, he will be a successful NBA player.


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